Sunday, April 14, 2013

(The Jointer Plane) A completed Wooden Jointer Plane

 My Hand Crafted Wooden Jointer Plane
             Here are some pics of my completed piece of wooden jointer plane with 2 coats of toning oil (linseed oil) finish. It doesn't have a fine cosmetic finish but it does work like a charm (technically a workable jointer plane). My progress on crafting this wooden  jointer plane can be viewed on my photobucket site. The wood type I use for crafting this jointer plane is "Resak Wood" (a durable hard heavy wood native to Malaysia, (Vatica and Cotylelobium genus of Dipterocarpaceae Family)).  I have to admit that working with resak wood is a little difficult since its a durable heavy hard wood. It does gives a nice finish color though.
Lesson learned. 
           Its a good idea to use dowels when joining two plane body together. When I applied glue to both sides of the plane bodies and clamp them together, they tend to shift in all directions and its difficult to center both pieces.  I was quite hasty when crafting the jointer plane and thought that I could clamp my way through the "little warping on the wood". As you've notice on the 3rd, 4th, 5th pic, the glue seam on the jointer are about 2mm wide. I should have done more planing for a seamless join on both pieces of the plane bodies. Fortunately, when I was clamping the 2 pieces together I made sure that my clamps are placed a little towards the sole of my jointer so much so that the gap between both bodies will be smaller. On the 6th and 7th pic, you'll notice that the blade is perfectly square to the sole/base of the jointer plane. However, the blade mouth is a little off. This will certainly affect the movement of the shavings. I might readjust the mouth in future.

Do leave a comment and let me know what are your thoughts on my piece.

"Thank you Sumokun for the tutorial on Wooden Jointer Plane"

Left View
Right View
Top View
End View (front)(More planning should have been done for a seemless join)
End View (back)(didn't notice the hole when I uploaded this pic, anyways will plug them later)

Blade Mouth View

Blade Mouth View
Mouth View (top)
Mouth view (side)

Wedge & Blade

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