Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Introduction and Inspiration

    This blog is intended for my handy work "Split Top Roubo Bench"as you have read from the title of my blog (Split Top Roubo Bench with a Tropical Twist).
   The phrase "Tropical Twist" is referred to the type of wood I'm using for my bench. I chose Meranti Wood ((Shorea genus of Dipterocarpaceae Family) or simply "Kayu Meranti as they are called here in Malaysia") for my bench because its relatively cheap and easy to work with. As for the bench legs, I will be crafting on "Balau Wood" also a Shorea genus of Dipterocarpaceae Family.

   Honestly though, it never really cross my mind to craft a wood working bench not to mention a "Split Top Roubo Bench". Being just a seasonal wood worker myself, the idea of building a simple "saw bench" would have been sufficient for my wood workings as I do most of my wood work on the floor (ground). Thus, I googled around for "saw bench" ideas and came to this website. And that's how this project begins.

  Anyways, I'm in the mist of completing my wooden  jointer plane to be used on my bench. As for the bench components, they have arrived via mail (i.e: benchcrafted vise tail, leg vise (from reid supply company, I'll explain later)).

 My progress will be slow but with fingers crossed, I hope I don't take too long to finish my bench. :)


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