Friday, November 28, 2014

(The Japanese Footstool)As promised. Here's a pic of my japanese footstool

This Japanese Footstool was not stained with black paint but rather heat treated. It was burned then brushed and burned again to achieved a glossy finish. It was then applied with a coat of polyurethane. 

(The Hauling of Wood) Here's a little preview of what's been done thus far.

Here, you could see that all four legs, long and short rails are joined. However, Mortises and Tenons for the bench top (attaching the legs) are yet to be cut.


I thought I might just post these pics up. Its the raw timber for the top bench before any planing and cutting.

And here's a pic of the bench legs being glued together.
Lesson learned from my jointer plane, now both wood are glued together with dowels attached and you get a perfectly seamless joint. (I'll post the pic up later)

Update:  Joining the legs.

a: seamless joint between both woods.
b: legs are then attached to upper short rail with a gap of 0.1mm error (good enough).
c. tenon to be cut. marking was done by a knife.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

(The Sanding of Wood) After a long hiatus on building a Split Top Roubo Bench.............

Hello there,

Its been roughly a year ago that I've decided to build a Split Top Roubo Bench but it was put off until today.

Anyways, here are some progress I've made so far. Some wood changes were made to the table top too.

Here, on this pic you can clearly see what I've done so far,

1. Not having a wood planer machine. All wood are planed by hand tools.

Table Top and Gap Stop
2. Completing the Gap stop is essential at this point so that I can gauge the total width of the table for the length of my bench short rail. The original Split Top Roubo Bench (bench top) is where they have 8 pieces of wood glued together. Here, I did some slight modification where I use (per side) 2 pieces of 12" by 72" glued together side by side.

3. All long and short rails tenons are cut and long rails mortises are cut so far.

Bench Leg Vise and Tail Vise
4. Bench wagon vise is fitted with an acme screw. Well, I've to go to the metal fabricator to do this part.

Blue Print for the Split Top Roubo Bench from Benchcrafted
* Just a section of the front page of the blueprint. Its copyright protected and I paid USD20 for it.*

Next posting will be 2 articles on my completed projects,
1. Japanese Footstool
2. Kobikidai Beam Bench   

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