Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Wish List.....

Perhaps I'm a little too ambitious for thinking of new projects but have yet to complete my current Split Top Roubo Bench. Anyways, its certainly cool to have a wish list of projects I wanted to do and it keeps the motivation going.

Here are a list of projects that I have been thinking of,

1.  A Foosball table. {inspire by}
     difficulty level : moderate to hard,
     components and gadgets : needed iron work and fabrication, need to scout for things such as iron
     bars, springs, different types of rings, woods, etc.

2.  A Japanese Saw Horse.
     difficulty level : easy
     components and gadgets : wood and maybe brass pins.

3.  A 3 legged Chinese Stool. {inspire by }
     difficulty level : hard ( that's because the 3 horizontal stretches are not square to each other and
     you've got to figure out how to construct them)
     components and gadgets : wood only.

4.  A Tool Cabinet. {inspire by Studley Tool Chest }
     difficulty level : challenging, super hard (the design part because you have to know what relevant tools you wanna keep in it and the tools arrangement as well)
     Components and gadgets : wood and lots more.

5.  A Beam Daybed. (Kobikidai Daybed).
     difficulty level : easy ( have gotten the design ready, now the only thing that's left to do is and squaring and sanding of wood.


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