Friday, November 28, 2014

(The Hauling of Wood) Here's a little preview of what's been done thus far.

Here, you could see that all four legs, long and short rails are joined. However, Mortises and Tenons for the bench top (attaching the legs) are yet to be cut.


I thought I might just post these pics up. Its the raw timber for the top bench before any planing and cutting.

And here's a pic of the bench legs being glued together.
Lesson learned from my jointer plane, now both wood are glued together with dowels attached and you get a perfectly seamless joint. (I'll post the pic up later)

Update:  Joining the legs.

a: seamless joint between both woods.
b: legs are then attached to upper short rail with a gap of 0.1mm error (good enough).
c. tenon to be cut. marking was done by a knife.

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