Thursday, December 25, 2014

(The Sliding Deadman Rail) Split Top Roubo Bench Progress as of December 26, 2014

Progressing on Split Top Roubo Bench....

Installed a 1x1 inch V-bar (metal) for the sliding deadman to the long stretcher. 3 sets of  2 inch screw bolt are welded to the inner side of the V-bar ( as shown in the pic).

Edited: As you can notice that the wood are slightly darker now, more brownish in color. This is simply because the woods are now coated with 2 coats of Linseed Oil.

Raw V-bar metal 1x1 inch on both sides.

V-bar welded with 3 sets of 2 inch  screw bolt are then inserted into long stretcherof split top roubo bench

Welded screw bolt and the V-bar

Final piece of the split top roubo bench sliding deadman's metal rail.

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