Tuesday, January 6, 2015

(The Report) Split Top Roubo Bench Progress as of January 06, 2014

 Parallel Guide of the Wagon Leg Vise

Today, working on the parallel guide. Cutting out its tenon, drilling 3/8 " holes and carving out the pattern. I guess the only thing left to do for the wagon leg vise is crafting out the roller bracket and the chop, yup that's about it.

The tedious part for the wagon leg vise is to drill a hole onto the center of the wagon wheel so that the acme screw can be attached to it. Plus, you have to be dead on precise 90 degrees for it. Also not to mention the welding of the nut to a piece of iron. Well, that's the hard work you've gotta do when you don't wanna spend on Benchcrafted leg vise. :))

Split Top Roubo Bench Legs and Stretchers

All mortises and tenons are carved out for the legs and stretchers. The only thing left to do for the legs are to drill holes for the long stretchers so that they can be attached with nut and bolt. And today I did just that, drilling 1/2" diameter through hole with 1-1/4 " x 1/2" deep counter bore.

Split Top Roubo Bench Top

Now the bench top, 2 out of 4 mortises have been carved out ( to be attached to bench legs). And when that's done I'll begin with carving out the chop and sliding deadman. I'll leave the flattening of the table top to the very end.

Split Top Roubo Bench Gap Stop

Gap Stop completed and only work  that's need to be done is to carved out its mortises when the bench top is ready.

Split Top Roubo Bench Tail Vise

Still thinking.........

Split Top Roubo Bench Sliding Deadman

1" x 1" V bar has been attached to the long stretchers. Next is carving out the desired pattern.

**will post pics later**

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