Tuesday, February 3, 2015

(The Leg Vise) Split Top Roubo Bench Progress as of Feburary 03, 2015

I have been pretty busy lately. That can only mean I didn't work on my work bench.  :))

Finally, I have gotten the tail vise done today. Also, more work  still needed to shape the sliding deadman.

Here're some pics so far.....

Wagon Leg Vise

The 1st pic is the completed wagon leg vise (not so Benchcrafted Wagon Leg Vise).  The Wagon wheel has been repainted to red in color since the original yellow/gold color paint didn't stick. previous color of wagon wheel.   This time I use a shellac paint available locally here instead of a canister spray paint. I also painted the nuts and bolts so that it won't get rusted away with the humidity of tropical climate. Brass pins are installed but needed a little trimming just to fit it nicely.

Final piece, "Roubo Split Top Wagon Leg Vise"

Final piece, "Roubo Split Top Wagon Leg Vise"

close up, front of wagon leg vise

close up, back of wagon leg vise

close up, side of wagon leg vise

close up, painted nut and bolts of wagon leg vise for anti rust prevention.

Sliding Deadman

From the pic you may have noticed that the back of the sliding deadman is carved out but the front of the sliding deadman isn't. This is due to my router bit where I use a 1 inch router bit (the only bit I have) and the thickness of the sliding deadman is bout 2 inches thick. So I'll manually carve out the remaining uncut sections.
Sliding Deadman back side, not completed yet.

Sliding Deadman, front side not completed yet.

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