Sunday, April 12, 2015

(The Bench Dog) Split Top Roubo Bench Progress as of April 12, 2015

Today, I wanna talk about bench dogs. Bench dogs are normally square in shape, but some may adopt a circular/round ones, like I do.

Initially I've design my bench dogs to look like this, with its bullet catcher.

Bench Dog
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Since the dog hole is really tight and I've to sand down the bench dog just a little, maybe 1/4 mm to make it fit snugly into the dog hole. The sanding of the bench dog was done below the cut grove so this makes the bench dog slides easily in all the way through the dog hole till it reaches the cut grove where more pressure is needed to push it in all the way through to hide the bench dog when not in use. 

Because of this feature, I forgone the installation of the bullet catcher. I may use it in near future if the dog holes get larger. Here, I also uses plush EVA foam sheet adhere to the "wood stopper grove". The plush EVA foam is adhere to the grove with shoe/leather adhesive rather than a PVA wood glue for easy removal in near future.

Below are some pics of my completed bench dogs,

Readily cut bench dogs to its length.

Bullet catchers not in use for bench dogs.

A 2 degrees line for the "wood stopper grove" was marked onto every bench dogs.

A perpendicular line sawn into the grove and the remaining part was chiseled out with a chisel.

A completed bench dogs.

Bench dogs completed with plush EVA foam stuck to it. I use a shoe adhesive instead of a PVA glue for future easy removal of the EVA foam. (Sun Brand Adhesive which are locally available)

A row of completed bench dogs.

A row of completed bench dogs.

Sun Brand Contact Adhesive available locally here in Malaysia.

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