Saturday, February 7, 2015

(The Sliding Deadman) Split Top Roubo Bench Progress as of Feburary 07, 2015

Here's a before and after pic of  a similar  piece of wood which  is carved into a "Sliding Deadman" and holes drilled.

Also some coated screws for the long stretchers to attached to the bench legs.

Left "Sliding Deadman coated with Linseed Oil",  right similar raw wood used for carving out the sliding deadman

 Initial stages of shaping a "Sliding deadman"
Half way through shaping of a "sliding deadman"

Coated screws for the long stretchers and bench legs

Coated washers


  1. What are your bolts and washers coated in? And, is that to prevent rust?

    1. Hi,
      Those nuts and washers are coated with a thin layer of shellac (locally available) by diluting it with 50%-50% thinner. Yes, the coating is meant for rust prevention due to the high humidity and wet tropical climate here in Malaysia.


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