Friday, March 6, 2015

(The Bench Top) Split Top Roubo Bench Progress as of March 06, 2015

Hey, just check the date of my last posting and its been 1 day shy of a month.

Well, I have been working on bench top flattening, refining the gap stop. I'm almost there with my Roubo Split Top WorkBench, just a little cosmetic adjustment and the installation of the Benchcrafted tail vise.

Anyways, did some web searching on the availability of Roubo Split Top  WorkBench or just any woodworking bench here in Malaysia. Guess what, none. However, I did got to know Neil Yeager who's residing in Thailand and he is an active woodworker there (also has built several woodworking benches). His blog.

 Below are some pics of my bench outdoor.

Roubo Split Top Workbench sitting on cemented hill slope (foreground), Below hill slope are houses shaded by trees (background)

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